Upholstery Cleaning

At Xtreme Clean Carpet Cleaning we don't just clean carpets, we also take care of your furniture.

Every day we sit on our favorite couches and loveseats, whether to watch a movie or to take a nap on a sunday afternoon or just to spend time with our family. Our furniture is center to everything we do every day. Because of that our furniture picks up sweat, dead skin, body oil, dirt, microbes, allergens, pet oil, dander and many other things that will dull its appearance and produce odors.

Let Xtreme Clean Carpet Cleaning professionally care for your furniture. We utilize a highly specialized Dry Cleaning solution to clean your upholstery with very little moisture so you can get back to using your furniture in less than a hour from the time we're done cleaning and restoring your furniture.


Just Like Magic!

Another Chair Saved From The Garbage

Good example of before and after