Pet Stain And Odor Removal


Let's talk about pet stains. We love our pets but lets face it, sometimes they can have a "accident" or they just get dirty. Either way our carpet takes the brunt of it.

Here at Xtreme Clean we are experts at pet stain removal. When you call us, we first start by inspecting your carpet with a high intensity UV flashlight to identify pet urine spots, fleas, ticks and other pests as well as odor causing bacteria.

Then we use special detergents specifically designed to neutralize pet odor, breakdown salt and acid in urine and remove pet oil and dander.

Finally we use 180-200 degree water to sanitize and disinfect your carpet along with the Rotovac 360i deep cleaning rotary machine to thoroughly clean your carpet.

Remember, if we can't remove the pet one can! Call us today and be free of pet odor tomorrow! 

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